Brianne Fleming

Branding Coach & Content Strategist


Welcome to my little corner of the web where I’m happy to share with you an overview of my experience, projects, and ideas in a field I love: marketing! I’ve been fortunate to be the voice behind several brands and have helped companies in several different industries create marketing content that inspires people to take action. I’m always looking to connect with others to collaborate or geek out over the latest and greatest media trends. Let’s connect!

Professional Profile

Growing up in the digital age, I’ve spent most of my life glued to a computer screen. On days when I convince myself to get up, sign off Facebook and read a real book instead, I turn to my bookshelf which is cluttered with the latest titles on social media, brand strategy, digital communications, and graphic design.

As a marketer in today’s world, I’m always looking for interesting ways to deliver a message that will fascinate my audience.I’m driven by the challenge to create content that is irresistibly compelling. Through the power of creative storytelling, my ultimate goal is to engage others and inspire action.

Recent Work


2019 – now

Founder + Branding Coach

Brand with Bri is my platform where I help dream chasers amplify their voice and expand their reach with a pitch-perfect online presence.

2018 – Present

Founder + Writer

I created a blog called Vivid 99 where I write about my unwavering fandom for music, movies, and life in the late 90s and early 2000s.

2018 – Present

Instructor / Course Developer

Instructs in the Digital Strategy and Social Media master’s programs at the University of Florida

  • Courses include Lead Generation, Branding Using Social Media, and Advertising & Social Media


I consider myself to have a very horizontal skillset — I love anything and everything that has to do with creativity!

Graphic Design
Public Relations
Brand Development
Social Media Strategy
Brand Management
Email Marketing
Online Advertising


2016 – 2017

University of Florida

Master of Arts in Online Communication with a Specialization in Web Design

2008 – 2012

University of Central Florida

Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Public Relations

Social Media


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